SureFlap DualScan Connect microchip cat door + glass adapter


If you are needing installation in Auckland, please contact us before purchasing this door so that we can give you a package price including installation.

Do you want to choose which cats are allowed outside? Would you like to track your outdoor cats’ comings and goings remotely? Do you want to be able to lock the cat door while you’re away from home or check that your cats are coming and going as normal while you’re on holiday? Well now you can, with the world’s most advanced cat door, the SureFlap DualScan Connect.

SureFlap DualScanThe Sureflap DualScan Connect Microchip Cat Door For Glass enables secure access for your pet and keeps unwanted visitors out. Because it has two microchip scanners, it controls both entry and exit, for up to 32 animals.

SureFlap HubControl your cat door from anywhere. Simply purchase the SureFlap DualScan Connect cat door from, then link it to a Sure Petcare Hub (attaches to your internet router) and install the Sure Petcare app on your phone. (The door will work as a standard microchip cat door if no hub is connected.)

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With a SureFlap DualScan Connect Microchip Cat Door For Glass, there’s no collar or tag to get lost or snagged. It works with your pet’s existing microchip!

More features

  • Set exit permissions for each pet to keep specific pets indoors using DualScan technology
  • Simple one button programming – it’s easy to change your cats’ permissions at any time
  • Safety mode: indoor-only pets can gain entry if they escape through an open door or window
  • Stores up to 32 pet microchip identities in memory. Remembers all registered cats even when the batteries have been removed
  • Manual lock stops your cat leaving or entering the house. Set to in-only to enable your pet to come indoors without being able to get out again
  • Receive a notification on your phone when your pet enters or leaves your home
  • Know whether your pets are at home, monitor long-term activity and notice changes in behaviour
  • Share app access with friends and manage their permissions
  • Remotely lock or unlock the cat door anytime, anywhere from the Sure Petcare app
  • Create a curfew – set the door to lock and unlock at specified times or take control at any time using the Sure Petcare app
  • Compatible with the SureFlap RFID Collar Tag (sold separately)
  • Elegant and modern design
  • Instruction manual included
  • 2-year warranty

This unit requires four AA batteries (alkaline preferred), which will last up to six months. A low-battery indicator will flash when batteries need to be replaced. You should not use rechargeable batteries.

This unit requires that your cat or dog have a working microchip under the skin on the back of its neck. Some models of microchip have been vulnerable to failure, and some older chips can migrate within your pet’s body. We recommend checking that your pet’s chip works well and is properly positioned.

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