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Stop signIf you have Double Glazing or Safety Glass, please read the following before you contact us. This will help us serve you better.

If you have a Double-Glazing Unit, we cannot cut a hole and fit a pet door. We must either:
   * have a new DGU made, with a hole in it, or
   * replace the DGU with Single-Glazing (if appropriate).

Safety glass stampSAFETY GLASS
Safety Glass (commonly found in full panel doors) will have a mark similar to this, near one corner. We cannot cut a hole in Safety Glass. Instead, we must have a new piece made, with a hole in it.

When contacting us, please tell us if your glass is Double-Glazing or Safety Glass, and provide us with height and width measurements in millimetres, so we can give you an estimated cost. If you accept our estimate, we will then visit you to take precise measurements before ordering your new glass.

Cat Door Company fridge magnetCat Door Company are Auckland’s original pet door specialists, the one-stop shop for cat flaps and dog doors, with more than 70,000 pet doors installed!

Cat Door Company sells cat doors and dog doors throughout New Zealand – plus we provide a mobile service to install pet doors in Auckland. (For customers elsewhere, we can recommend a local installer.)

dog with microchip doorWe have been fitting cat flaps and dog doors into glass and wood since 1980. That’s more than 40 years of experience!

Cat Door Company are proud to sell the leading brands of pet door, including the latest microchip-activated pet doors. We are even certified to microchip your pet at your home.

Need advice on the right pet door for your home?

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cat doors

Cat Doors

Choose from a wide range of cat flaps suitable for mounting in glass or timber.

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microchip pet doors

Microchip Doors

SureFlap microchip-activated pet doors come in sizes to suit cats or small dogs.

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dog door

Dog Doors

We sell doors to suit most sizes of dogs including microchip doors for small dogs.

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