Catwalk Standard cat door for glass


If you are needing installation in Auckland, please contact us before purchasing this door so that we can give you a package price including installation.

The Catwalk Standard Cat Door For Glass is suitable for cats and small dogs.

  • Maximum pet size: 8kg
  • Flap size: 190mm x 165mm
  • Overall diameter: 268mm
  • Cutout diameter: 248mm
  • Material: High-impact plastic
  • Colour: Clear
  • Application: Glass 3-10mm thick

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Catwalk cat doors have been designed to be maintenance-free by eliminating problems such as broken flaps, broken opening and closing systems, noise, seal damage by pets, rusting screws and difficulties with large cats.

To overcome these problems the cat flaps are made from high impact polycarbonate (Makrolon) plastic made by Bayer of Germany, a world leader in plastic technology. This high-impact plastic is also used in bulletproof vests and aircraft windows.

  • 4-way locking system
  • Fits most ranch sliders with a clearance of more than 21mm
  • Flap has moulded composite weather seal
  • Automatic magnetic flap positioning
  • Moulded feather edge seal to minimise the effects of extreme weather
  • External self-draining outlet, in the event of fitting to patterned glass
  • Easy to fit, using 4 screws
  • Virtually indestructable – tough UV stabilised polycarbonate
  • Self-lining slip joint to cover rough cut glass
  • No cavity feature, prevents dirt and grime accumulation
  • Smooth and quiet action
  • Security designed, no external screws
  • Environmentally friendly (can be recycled)
  • Maintenance-free
  • All screws hidden
  • Unobtrusive and aesthetically pleasing


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